Life is Good

NOTES FROM THANKSGIVING 2017 I just spent this Thanksgiving with my mom. It is most likely to be her last. The cancer she has continues to grow as far as we know. And she is choosing to stop treatment after the latest immunotherapy cycle stops in the next two weeks....
My Experience with Sexual Harassment

My Experience with Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment has been an ongoing challenge throughout my life – as a student in high school, in college, in medical school and in training to become a psychiatrist. I recall not feeling supported in these scenarios and never really knew who to speak to about the language of sexual harassment from men in positions of power in each of these arenas.

The Wisdom of Healing: A Tribute to Louise Hay

Louise Hay affected my life as a wisdom teacher, spiritual healer and change agent in subtle, yet ever powerful ways. After Louise left this physical dimension on Aug. 30, 2017, I took time to reflect on just how much of an influence she was in my work as an integrative psychiatrist, as well as personally.

Moon Over Havana

A full moon lights the way through the dark as I am driven to the Havana airport. The streets are quiet. A few pedestrians pause at well-marked crosswalks.  As the city awakens, I reflect on my fond memories of a week discovering what Cuban mental health professionals...

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