I hope to be in India over Christmas to celebrate the Hindu wedding of the daughter of good friends. Yes, it is a bit daunting to consider this journey from New Mexico during these most unusual of times. That’s if all the stars support me on this adventure! 

Yet, each day I prepare as if I am going to be there. It has been a journey carefully planned. I seek to share in the joy of the occasion and seeing many people I have not seen in over two years. 

I will miss my family here along with my new puppy, Sage, but I know my family will care for her while I’m gone. I trust she is in good hands.

Sage is six months old now—about 3½ yrs in human years. She is now past the nipping stage and is much more enjoyable to be around.

I have spoken to so many who have suffered through the puppy stage. It truly can be a miserable time. Sage is adorable yet also very trying at times. This could be said of any constant companion we chose to be with!

A risk worth taking

Sage and my grandson have found a way to connect that is fun and safe…most of the time. 

Laughter often has been a part of our time together. Her antics and silliness have brought a sense of whimsy and lightness. 

I realize now that it was a bit of a risk to bring a puppy into my already-busy life. This addition to the family has been so needed as we all face the two-year mark of a pandemic that feels never-ending. What a gift she has been to all of us.

Our new normal

This new normal has created so many changes for all of us. There has been an uncovering of what has long been hidden at so many levels of the world in which we live. 

Uncertainty is present in all sectors of life. It has emboldened many to go beyond the status quo and seek ways that are more hopeful toward a life worth living. This is true in the workplace and at home. 

During this most sacred time of the year for Christian, Catholic, Jewish and those who celebrate Kwanzaa, it is a time of hope, faith and joy. May there be some whimsy as well so there is a light-heartedness present despite these most difficult times we are in.

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