When I am thankful about life in all the small details, it adds a quality of being present in each moment. 

I notice when I’m present, my puppy, Sage, is gentler with her choice of things she chooses to chew on. 

My grandson is adjusting to being with her energy and holds her leash with increased confidence. 

When they play in the backyard, I am happily content to watch them, yet keep a cautious eye to make sure both are safe. 

I look forward to the day that she is leash-trained so she doesn’t pull on the leash so much. We’re both working on this skill.

She’s so excited when we go for a walk. It’s fun to watch. She makes me smile quite often.

This was not the case during our first couple of weeks together. I had to learn how to negotiate my morning to meet both of our needs. I did not meditate nor practice my yoga and pranayama for several days in a row. 

As my level of frustration grew with each day, I realized how precious those moments of self-care and grounding were. They proved to be most necessary for my well-being and for the well-being of those around me. 

I decided to find a puppy-free zone so she could observe me but not interfere in my meditation and centering time. I am happier and she has adapted to how we are for those predictable times in the morning.

I feel gratitude in my heart for these small, precious moments in my life as I am returning to my daily ritual of morning self-care. 

Gratitude today and every day

As this pandemic and subsequent challenges remain upon us, being present with the parts of your life that is working remains important. 

Plenty of headlines can make us feel disheartened. Yet, we can choose to do what we can in the part of the world in which we live. 

It can be as simple as sharing with your neighbors what you have to offer at this time. A few kind words and an offering may be just what they need to hear. 

Offering gratitude with each person you interact with can result in a nice surprise as to how those kind words come back to you.

Noticing what is happening in a good way and sharing about it as it is happening is another way to be present with gratitude.

This Thanksgiving reminds us that the gratitude we offer can be practiced any day of the year. Consider this action as a gift that keeps on giving.


Research has shown that when we practice gratitude daily, we are happier. Take a few moments this week to reflect on these questions.

How can you offer gratitude beyond this Thanksgiving in your everyday life? 

Is kindness with a smile a part of your daily language?

What can you notice today to be grateful about? 


I appreciate what is before me in the small actions of the day.

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