My Story

I have been on a lifelong journey to be more whole and present in my daily life, and my book Cleanse Your Body, Reveal Your Soul is the culmination of gathering that wisdom.

As student of the healing arts, the first part of my life took root in the field of modern psychiatry, but now as I devote my focus to integrative psychiatry and ayurvedic wellness, I have reached a place in my life to share what I have experienced.

I am now choosing to share my story  and my journey to include you in the amazing possibilities that can be a part of your life.

On this website, I will share insights that have evolved in the last few years with the inspiration being provoked by the world around me, including the world within.

Change is the one constant in our lives.

And working with that in mind, consider how water is creates fluid change to the environment that it touches.

There are times when there is deep stillness present in the river and other times, strong flow with side pockets of swirls possible where one can get stuck. Yet with more flow to that area, one can move from that point of stuckness to be in the center of the river again.

That is what I offer to you – a way to flow into living from your heart, guided by your soul.

Wisdom Teacher + Sage + Alchemist
Judith Pentz, MD


Judith E. Pentz, MD, is a holistic, alternative and integrative psychiatrist with board certification in child, adolescent and adult psychiatry. She seeks to combine the best of Western and integrative medicine for support of your mental well being. The goal is to be as gentle as possible and to stimulate the natural healing mechanisms that we all have in our body.

Some of the modalities may include orthomolecular, nutritional options, homeopathy, targeted amino-acid therapy, breathing techniques and meditation as well as other options. The integrative approach includes the spiritual and emotional part of our being, as well the mental and physical part of our being. Therapy is often necessary to support the many changes that are part of the integrative approach. This may include brief individual therapy, family therapy, or more intense, depth psychotherapy.  Guidance towards the best integrative approach can be considered. 

Shifting into being an educator, a wise person seeking to support your growth with tools to create your own path towards wholeness, Dr Pentz is teaching those motivated to make those internal changes towards a sense of wholeness, serenity and happiness

She contributed a chapter in Integrative Therapies for Depression: Redefining Models for Assessment, Treatment and Prevention, lending her voice to the growing body of work that shows there is a world beyond prescribing drugs. The book released Dec. 19, 2015, featuring her chapter on botanicals for depression.

Her new book, Cleanse Your Body, Return to Your Soul was released August 11, 2020.  It is a prescriptive memoir about her trek to India for an ancient ayurvedic cleanse – panchakarma – that forged her path to her own healing. There are many tips about self care from the ayurvedic perspective. 

Dr. Pentz attended the Medical College of Ohio at Toledo (MCOT) where she received her medical degree in 1985. The school’s name changed to the University of Toledo after a merging of resources. She completed her training at MCOT in child, adolescent, adult psychiatry in 1990.  Board certification in adult psychiatry in 1993 and child and adolescent psychiatry in 1994. She is also board certified in Integrative Medicine by ABHIM since 2014.

She has studied various alternative healing methods including completing training in craniosacral therapy with the Upledger program, EMDR, homeopathy with Dr. Charles Bernaert, Chi Gung with R. Carpenter DOM and Ken Cohen. She has studied with various healers locally exploring Chinese, Native American, Peruvian, Ayurvedic and Reiki healing traditions. Awareness of the value of herbs, nutrition, essential oils, flower essences as well as various body work modalities such as craniosacral therapy, Rolfing, acupuncture present as adjuncts to the healing process inform her approach so may be recommended to be explored with referrals made to other healthcare professionals proficient in these areas.

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