What I do for myself out of the intelligent awareness of who I am has a ripple effect onto others, to my surroundings and to the very earth I stand on. Can you imagine bringing that level of awareness into your everyday life?

We do not live in isolation from one another at an energetic level. There is a web of energy that binds us to each other. Our thoughts are ever present in that web. What we think about does impact us and our environment. Even the hermit feels the presence of all of us and so does Mother Earth.

We only need to take simple steps. With awareness.

Offering prayer is a step in that direction for me: Thoughtfulness includes giving thanks to the food before me as well as to Mother Earth, all who participated in sowing the food, nurturing it and harvesting it then bringing it close enough for me to be able to choose to take it home to lovingly prepare it for my family and myself. Each step is necessary to be able to nourish this body in the most wholesome of ways.

Each day is a present: What will you do or offer as a present to Mother Earth?

Earth Day is every day. We need to be present and offer gratitude to our Mother Earth. She gives us all we need to live and breathe on this planet we call home. She has suffered just as we have this year. Yet, not only for this year is this true. It has been true for many generations.

We have made decisions as humans to not consider the impact of our actions on the next seven generations. The Iroquois followed the concept of the seven generations as guideline to make decisions in their world. How would our world be different if our leaders or any of us paused before leaping into action without a sense of sustainability or awareness of the consequences of our actions? We are at a threshold to move in that direction.

This requires a degree of thoughtfulness and presence. Holding accountability of all the corporations in terms of stewardship has begun to create some of the massive change that is needed for us and for Mother Earth.

Compassion matters

We, as human beings on this planet, have contributed much to the suffering we see all around us. Each of us needs to see what small step is possible to be more caring, loving to ourselves, our families, our communities, and to the greater world community. Compassion matters.

Regardless of color, sex, or religion, we have to ‘come together, right now’ in ways unknown to us as a human race in these modern times, if ever. Compassion matters.

Self-care matters, self-love matters, self-compassion matters. If one cares enough to make loving choices for the precious mind, body, and heart we have been given by the Divine, then it is so much easier to want and expect the same for each and every person on this Earth and for Mother Earth.

Putting intelligent awareness into action

What one small step can you take to give to yourself and to Mother Earth the Present she needs to heal and continue to give to us with her unending generosity and love? Each step here brings you into a less cluttered, sustainable, nurturing home and community:

  • Recycle to the threshold possible in your community. Find out what plastic is truly recycled, and find resources for cardboard and glass recycling. Here is a good resource to find recycling resources near you: https://search.earth911.com/
  • Reduce purchases of packages that cannot be recycled.
  • Repurpose your biomass waste from your refrigerator to a place that accepts vegetable scraps for compost. Or start a compost yourself.
  • Plant a tree. Fruit trees are a gift that keeps on giving. I purchased a pomegranate tree this last fall. I planted a fig tree two years ago.
  • Start a vegetable garden or if you don’t have garden space, participate in a community garden or use home patio containers.
  • Do errands in a patterned approach with driving to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Practice Random Acts of Kindness to yourself and others.
  • Turn off the electronics when with your loved ones at dinner or any meal you share with another human being and at night when sleep is most necessary. This simple act of self-care nurtures you and your family.
  • Be in nature. Go to a park, forest or botanical garden, as I did with my grandson, pictured here. It is ever so healing. It stirs the desire to keep all as healthy as possible.

In gratitude to Mother Earth and for all her gifts including the Albuquerque BioPark Botanical Gardens (my grandson and I are enjoying the blooming of the wisteria in the Mediterranean Gardens!)


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