Resources for Wisdom Seekers 

The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care
We are a group of scientists, spychiatrists, researchers, public policy analysts, users, and providers of mental health services, philanthropists, and community members to find and pormote the best ways to achieve long-term recovery and help people with mental health challenges to thrive. 

The Handle Institute
The Handle Institute provides non drug and holistice treatment for learning, neurobehavioral problems. 

NeuroResearch Clinics
Neuroresearch clinics offer information and training for clinicians regarding targeted amino acid therapy. 

OrthoMolecular Medicine
Resources regarding natural substances to correct imbalances in the nervous system for mental health challenges. 

Resource for medications, herbal treatments, supplements. This is a service fo the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health. 

Lipids in Heath & Disease
Good resource regarding research on Omega-3 fatty acids and other lipids important for the our diet and our body. 

Ayurveda Resources 

Banyan Botanicals

This online Ayurvedic Herbal store uses organic herbs and have oils that are specific for your Dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). The check list to have an approximation of your dosha is available on line. It is an educational website for seasonal and daily Self-care practices that I mention in my book, Cleanse Your Body, Reveal Your Soul.

Vinayak Panchakarma Chiktsalaya

Sunil and Shalmali Joshi MD (AYU) have a clinic in Albuquerque NM and Nagpur, India. Traditional Panchakarma is available at both clinics with longer stays possible in Nagpur. The longer stays allow for rejuvenation phase of healing.

The Ayurvedic Institute 

This is the home teaching center in Albuquerque NM for Dr Vasant Lad. Dr Lad teaches in Pune, India as well. There is curriculum for a practitioner certificate at different levels as well as in person and online training on going for different Ayurvedic topics. 

The Ayurvedic Self-Care Handbook: Holistic Healing Rituals for Every Day and Season.  Published in 2019. Sarah Kucera, DC, CAP. 

This book is a great way to dip your toes for those wanting to start their self-care on their own. 

A Life of Balance: The Complete Guide to Ayurvedic Nutrition and Body Types with Recipes. Published in 1995.Maya Tiwari. 

This book is a great resource for understanding the power of Ayurveda including a psychospiritual focus.  Recipes are vegetarian and noted for which Doshas are supported by the food/spices. 

Eat. Taste. Heal: An Ayurvedic Guidebook and Cookbook for Modern Living.  Published in 2006. Thomas Yarema, MD, Daniel Rhoda, DAS, Chef Johnny Brannigan. 

This book is wonderfully illustrated with graphics and food to entice a person into the wonder and complexity of Ayurveda and the importance of Food as Medicine. They have included certain meat and fish to support certain Doshas. 

Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda. Published in 2017. Sahara Rose Ketabi. 

This book is an introduction to Ayurveda in a contemporary language to help you understand the value of this medicine in your daily life.




Resources for Wellness


Natural Woman: Herbal Remedies for Radiant Health at Every Age and Stage of Life

The Good Mood Kitchen: Simple Recipes and Nutrition Tips for Emotional Balance

Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health: A Complete Guide to the Food-Mood Connection

Rhythms of Recovery: Trauma, Nature, and the Body

Eat Right, Feel Right:

50 Recipes and Tips to Improve Mood Sleep Attention and Focus

Multicultural Counseling Workbook: Exercises, Worksheets & Games to Build Rapport with Diverse Clients



Articles by Dr. Pentz

These articles written by Dr. Judith Pentz are available for you to download by clicking on the links indicated.

Cuba Exchange 2013- view pdf

Detoxify: To Fast or Not to Fast  – view pdf

In Harmony With Your Heart – view pdf

Natural Psychiatry: Our Temperament is connected to our Brain chemistry- view pdf

Psychiatry The Natural Way – Part I – view pdf

Psychiatry The Natural Way – Part II – view pdf

Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville (IMCC)

The Noon daily meditation on Zoom is one hour with a dharma leader.  Usually a brief teaching or reflection which leads to brief guidance about how to meditate and about 35 minutes of silence.  Sometimes the leaders also invite lovingkindness through Metta phrases. The time closes with the opportunity to share any experiences or concerns.

Albuquerque Insight Meditation Center

Daily Meditations via Zoom. All are welcome to join and stay for as much of these sits as you are able. Chairs, kneelers, and cushions are available. Please enter the meditation hall in noble silence.





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