How are you celebrating the holidays? For our family, Advent harkens the time for the birth of the Christ with a candle lit on Sundays for a month before Christmas.  Last weekend, my grandson and I prepared my manger scene in my home. He eagerly reminded me that Baby Jesus couldn’t be displayed until Christmas! He and I hid him carefully. My Jewish friends lit their Hanukkah candles on December 11 with family via Zoom to mark the beginning of Hanukkah.

Taking precautions while celebrating the season

     Be it preparing for Christmas or Hanukkah, December 2020 is to be remembered for each of us due to the COVID19 impact on all of our lives. All of us and our families have to find our own unique expression of connecting. There is the possible risk of exposure due to our desire to be together with our loved ones during this holy, sacred time. Making wise choices now makes a difference for the quality of your life in the New Year.

Heavenly events to watch for

    So many traditions around the world hold this time in a sacred way. The darkness present during this time of year creates a strong desire to reach for the light and to create light around us. Rituals create that space to bring in and be with the light.

    On December 21, there is special light that is to be created by Saturn and Jupiter. These planets are going to be so near to each other that it will look like they are overlapping. I am so excited! This specific alignment of planets happened in 1226 and there may have been a similar pattern for the Magi to be guided by these stars to find the Christ child. There had been a prophecy of a guiding star to find the Son of David. As then, there are many similar world challenges existing for all of us now. It is a time of amazing, strong energy.

The power of ritual

     As I have shared about the power of daily rituals for self-care in my book, Cleanse Your Body, Reveal Your Soul, seasonal rituals are equally transformative. We can mark that time with intentions and prayer.  The Winter Solstice (December 21, 2020) is one such time for ritual. This is the time of the two largest planets crossing near each other and is the day our sun begins its transition to the north. Each day going forward, our days begin to lengthen. It is a sign of hope as more light enters into our days.

     Practice a spiritual or religious ritual that resonates for you. This brings forth the Soul essence of our being.  This ritual infuses hope, love and joy into our lives. Create a space to have the ritual. Have lit candles at dusk. Journal about what you seek to create an intention for what is important and meaningful to you to manifest in the next six months. Add fresh greenery indoors to bring a bit of nature into your home. Meditate for 5-10 minutes or longer to be present in the moment, offering gratitude. Of course, if you do this ritual on December 21, be sure to check when the best time it is to view these two planets in your time zone! What a magical opportunity to witness in our lifetime!

     During these difficult times, I recommend the power of ritual to connect to your Soul essence as this will give you much needed support, love, hope and joy into the New Year.

     I would love to hear what you have chosen to do and your intention!

In good health with much love and hope during this sacred, holy time,


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