This is the first week of the New Year. How are we to approach this year on the heels of this past year? The unpredictability remains with us yet there are glimmers of hope. Each of us can choose to live with the uncertainty in a variety of ways. Uncharted waters exist for all of us. A few words come to mind as I think of the best approach for these times. I seek to bring gratitude, courage, steadfastness, creativity with playfulness, love and joy into the present moment of my day. 


I choose gratitude for each new day that I have. I have good health, a loving family and an avocation with my writing and sharing about the wisdom of my years. My work supports me as I serve people of many traditions and all ages with mental health needs When possible, I share integrative medicine ways to support wellness.

What are the gifts present in your life? Welcome them and offer thanks


I choose courage as I make steps to share my love of Ayurveda and all it has to offer to the world around me. I seek to speak my truth so others can benefit from the holistic approach this medicine has to offer.

How has courage been present in your life?


I choose steadfastness as this journey has been an investment of time and energy over the last several years. My daily meditation and yoga practice with my Ayurvedic self-care tools are a part of creating that steadfastness for me. This process has led to the publishing of my first book, Cleanse Your Body, Reveal Your Soul in August 2020. This happened in the middle of a pandemic no less. Now, as I try to promote the book a new level of focus is required with reaching out to those who can benefit from reading the book.

How has steadfastness served you?

Creativity with playfulness

I choose creativity with playfulness as this supports my journey now and into the future. Being creative with poetry and dance releases the parts of me longing to express myself. Sharing my free time with my grandson during the pandemic has supported this artistic expression through music and drawing with him.

What creative outlets expressed playfulness in your life?

Love and Joy

I choose love and joy to be a part of my everyday moments. Bringing love and joy into my heart as I meditate or take a mindful walk in nature, breathing fresh air. Greeting the grocery clerks or other frontline workers at this time with a smile and some humor are small acts of love and joy for me. Having family over for a shared meal and break bread together is a small gift for me to enjoy. A simple commitment to play the harmonium with friends creates that for me. Writing short stories in tiny books with my grandson about the adventures of losing his first tooth and spiders warms my heart as much as it does his heart.

How have love and joy danced into your life?

What words/actions are buoys for you as you navigate your unique challenges in this New Year?  I would love to hear from you. I will share excerpts of this blog on Instagram and FB to see what words/actions you would share with me!

Meera Mehta, MD
Meghana Thanki

Ayurveda 2021: Science, Soul and Wisdom

for Daily Wellness in a Crazy World

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Stay in good health, blessings for the new year!


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