Bringing the Divine Feminine


May 18-28, 2019

Bringing the Divine Feminine


May 18-28, 2019

Bringing the Divine Feminine


MAY 18-28, 2019


In a time when the prescriptions don’t heal and wisdom gets lost in the noise, I am a voice of life-giving evolution empowering you to be your own agent of change.

Possibly you want liberation from those limitations that have burdened you for so long but have only found interventions that held you in place.

Possibly you yearn for great shifts in the core of your being, believing if you could somehow access them, you would empower change.

Possibly you carry a healing wisdom but haven’t heeded the voice inside.  

For far too long, you have cradled the idea there must be a better way, a much more loving and life-giving way. And you know, somehow your wholeness is an integral step on this path.

If you are a spiritual seeker and you struggle connecting with your deeper self/Self and want to go there, you have come to the right place. If you want to explore the world seeking the Divine in sacred places, join me on this incredible journey. 

Once you discover your SOUL, you will thrive and shine!

Discover the many ways to connect with wonder, wisdom and life-affirming practices. Be gently led to the heart of your soul so you can galvanize change.

I believe it is through the power of experience that the alchemy happens. I bring ancient wisdom to the modern lifestyle. I show you how to live in beauty and walk in wisdom so you can renew your life.

Divine Feminine 12-4-19 Q&A Replay Watch Below

Hello, I’m Judith Eve Pentz, MD!

I am a change agent.  I offer clarity, encouragement, empowerment and enhancement of the best you can be through experiences that you will prompted to have. I believe people can heal when they activate their wisdom on the deepest level, and that wisdom is loving and life-giving.

On this site you’ll find:

  • My blog about Journey to the Spirit
  • Ways to explore the Divine in workshops
  • Ways to explore the Divine on trips to sacred sites

I offer 1:1 and group consultations.

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.


In this video, I ask you, as a Western-trained integrative psychiatrist, “Why not seek greater health and well-being beyond medication?”

With simple practices of daily self-care informed by Ayurveda, I’ve discovered for myself a more sustainable way to live in wellness.

As I say in my book, Cleanse Your Body, Reveal Your Soul, small changes can lead to profound shifts that are sustainable because they change you at the cellular level.


Supporting Your Life Force by Calming Your Senses

  In this year 2020,  I will share excerpts of my soon to be released book, Cleanse Your Body, Reveal Your Soul. In addition, I will share ideas and tools to consider adding to your daily or weekly rhythm of self-care.  It begins with small steps; this is how change...

Travel with Divine Inspiration in your Heart

Traveling to Spain with a sense of the Divine  Traveling to Spain in April 2019 created a very rich spiritual experience for myself and my friend Melanie Richardson.  I asked her to share her experience and here are her thoughts and feelings about the experience....

Eternal Barcelona: Join Me for Divine Feminine Tour to Spain

In this series about the Divine Feminine Tour I'm leading to Spain from May 18-28, 2020, I feature Barcelona, one of the four amazing cities on the trip. In previous blog posts, I have written about Granada, Montserrat and Cordoba. We will have four days...


I’ll keep you up to date on the latest wellness news, stress reduction workshops, ayurvedic consults and goddess journeys!

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