I am inspired to have you join me on this first of what I dream of many more trips to share beautiful, sacred sites in the world. I want to share and want you to share with me what of the  sites I have picked might inspire you.

Why is it that I want to share these journeys with others? It is a way to open up to new possibilities in seeing the world, both within and around you. I have found travel being a door to learn how to be more present with the world around me and within myself.

This is happening in May 2020 but the deadline to commit to joining us is in January 18, 2020.

I have added the benefit of a guide from Friendly Planet who will travel with us. I decided to have Terri Ross join us as there are many moving parts to the trip. She has been to the sites in Spain many times plus we will have local guides to further enhance our experience. I want to assure my travel companions to have their physical needs and logistics supported.

Where we are going has held a unique historical view in Europe as Muslim governance happened for about seven hundred years. Why this is important to know?  There was a level of coexistence between Muslim, Christian and Jews unheard of before or since that time. The flavors of each spiritual tradition are present in each of the sites on our journey, especially Granada.

Granada was the last stronghold for the Moors before Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand forced the last of the Moors to leave in 1492. After the Treaty of Granada, the last Muslim leader, Muhammad XII was banished from Granada. This Nasrid dynasty was the last Moorish Muslim family on the Iberian Peninsula.

The Alhambra was built over a few centuries. It was the residence of the caliphates of Granada. 

Located above the Alhambra, General life gardens remained well maintained, full of mature cypress trees, rose bushes, hanging vines of wisteria over walkways. Streams of water created boundaries with water spouting at various parts of the gardens. 

Built on a hill, the city of Granada in the old town area has many convoluted turns and narrow alleys. Much Old World charm with modern conveniences are present in the hotels, restaurants and historical buildings. 

One of my favorite places are the Hamman baths. This is now a communal experience so bring your bathing suit. There are different baths with different temperatures as well as mint tea to drink. A steam room is available as well. For an additional cost, there are different massages available as well as a scrub down with a loofah brush. It is both relaxing and invigorating. Yes, it is true and maybe after you have had your own experience, you will agree with me. 

There is a perfumery near the Hamman Baths. If you are interested in participating in a workshop to develop your own perfume, this will be an option for you while in Granada. Even if you don’t participate, they have wonderful and unique scents to please you. There is even one made with a combination of Cuban tobacco plants along with other interesting ingredients. There is a perfume museum attached to the store which is fun to peruse.

 I have been to each of the cities/sites we are visiting so I have certain perspectives that I will share with you. 

The Divine feminine exists everywhere yet, in some places, the energy is stronger than others. Noticing the subtle energy in each place we visit can be a goal for us. At times, it will be obvious and other times, maybe not.


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