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The Black Madonna in Monserrat, Spain

Going to Spain with a special group of people is quite possible in May 2020. Make it a New Year’s resolution for yourself and your beloved friend or family to come along with me. I did a Q and A that went very well. We recorded it and it is now available for you to listen at your leisure at the end of this post. The focus was about what my approach would be to bring in the Divine Feminine along for our journey. Do take a moment to hear what I have to say. You may be pleasantly surprised as it is for all who are curious about a deeper connection with oneself, regardless of being male or female.

Spain is a magical country

Spain is an amazing country with so much to share. It has modern amenities yet ancient history and sacred sites to explore. The cuisine is varied and ever so fresh. Flamenco in Granada is some of the best in the world. The cities we will explore include Granada, Cordoba, Barcelona with the monastery Montserrat as well.

Come and Travel

 Travel for me has always had a special place in my heart. The world opens up to me when I travel as I open up to the world around me. My heart is often thrilled with new encounters. Just on my way to India, I made a new friend as we sat together waiting for our boarding call to happen in Houston. Speaking about why we traveled on Christmas day, she and I shared that we both were going to India but for different reasons. We then spent time sharing about our lives and family as well as our work. Time passed quickly as we chatted then we both boarded to our respective seats. Meeting up in Doha, we spent time together as we explored the airport. As we separated to our respective flights to India, we promised to stay in touch!

Making friends along the way is all part of life, whether on travel or in your life! It makes the journey ever so much more pleasant. Each of us are an expression of the Divine. There are many colors in this rainbow of humanity for us to notice and connect.

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