As many have already shared, I honor and commend the many health care workers and all the essential personnel who have been on the front lines during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Like many of you, I find these days, now months are the most interesting and difficult times for myself and my community as so much has changed.

The new normal has yet to be established. Many of us are restless to return to what once was. I am getting restless. 

Mother Nature

As we pause, Mother Nature has reveled in the quiet that has been created as we have all witnessed.  I see much healing is happening to the Earth at this time. I welcome the Cooper hawk soaring on the updraft as I walk near this acequia where water flows to irrigate the lands in the Rio Grande valley.

I pray that we can all become better stewards of this beautiful planet we call home. Much is opening up in the world with possibilities. Let us witness the magic all around us and see how we can be a part of it.

Honoring all mothers

Here in the USA, it is Mother’s Day this Sunday. For all mothers out there, being honored during this time makes it even more special. So many additional expectations have happened as we shelter in home.

This is a time when self care with the daily rituals become even more important. Honoring Mother means honoring yourself as the caretaker for so many people.

Find ways to create a small pause with a nourishing ritual can be a way to replenish.

Every day. Small steps with self care is really a gift to oneself.

Integrative medicine tools during COVID 19

1. Listen to Your governor and mayors as this is a public health situation. We are part of a community; we need to remember this in our moment to moment living at this time
2. Self care, self care, self care! So important! It is so easy to forget, isn’t it?
3. Keep a routine especially if you have children or teens in the home. Our bodies crave and need a predictable time to sleep. Get enough! And don’t oversleep. During sleep is when rejuvenation and restoration magic happens for the brain and body
4. Maintaining a balance with your day and night. Your routine can help this. Follow the cycle of the sun.
5. Limit news exposure. Listen to it at a time YOU decide. Then turn it off the news. Please be kind to yourself; do not have a news channel in all day. Your nervous system will only become even more tense as will all in the household
6. Be considerate of the noise level in the home with all the electronics playing. Consider a quiet zone of the day. A time to rest from stimulation.
7. Working with our Breath is a step to calm. Taking a deeper breath is important to fill our lungs. Often, we can have shallow breaths when we are anxious. Breathe in to count of 6 hold briefly then release to count of 7 or 8. A longer out-breath helps to activate the calmer part of our nervous system. Doing this for 3-5 minutes can be very calming.
8. Lavender oil or lemon balm are herbs that calm most of us. Add it to a diffuser or on a tissue. Or make a tea with them. Add chamomile tea.
9. For sleep. Melatonin at about 3-5 mg is good for most people. mg citrate at 200-400 mg aid in sleep but helps daytime anxiety as well
10. Support your immune system. Vitamin C 2-3 gm Astragalus 300 mg. Vit D 5000 IU. Zn picolinate 15-30 mg. All taken daily
11. Eat as healthy as you can! Leafy green vegetables. Carrots. Beans. Soups. Fruits. Limit Alcohol Intake.
12. Exercise. Walking around your home can work. Choose what can be done in your home or backyard. All kinds of Yoga and chi gung are available on YouTube. For beginners, look for a fundamentals class in yoga. Restorative yoga is very soothing and calming to mind and body. No previous experience needed. For chi gung, look for 8 silk brocade sequence to help with mobility and support immune system. This site offers other healing chi gung routines as well.
13. Order what food you need online with services that deliver. Natural Grocers. Whole food. Smiths. Walmart. Is there a CSA that you can support at this time?
14. Be in prayer daily; with us all as we seek ways to move through this as a community. Not just here in NM but the whole world is in this together.
15. May we take this time to reorder our priorities. Each of us as individuals and as a collective.
16. Each act such as hand washing as an offering of love to your self and your loved ones.  To Mother Earth. This is true for the self-quarantine process as well.

Take good care of yourself and be mindful as we slowly start a new way to be together,


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