This new year has already brought us to our knees both in horror and with gratitude. Last year did the same but not until February into early March. What a roller coaster it continues for all of us! Much is still needing to be addressed and the process can seem slow, yet we have this moment to hold and care for. Being with that moment in a different way is possible.

The Power of His(her)story

     History (herstory) has always fascinated me.  At age twelve, I spent the summer attempting to read all the autobiographies in our small-town library. This is when I discovered there have been many women and people of color who have been such brave souls. In a country that often reacted in fear towards these brave women and men, the challenges and adversity did not deter them. They remained strong, courageous, proud, innovative, and persistent in their vision. Harriet Tubman was one of those heroines. I admired her courage.  I also could feel the conviction of those who helped her on the Underground Railroad. Living in Ohio then, I felt a sense of pride living in a state where people risked their lives to helps black people become free.

Black History Month

     Black History month is an opportunity for each of us to learn about the many voices finally being heard despite the attempts to silence them. The inaugural poet Amanda Gorman’s “The Hill We Climb” inspired sharing of life of possibilities is a slice of the beauty present within an amazing young black woman. May there be many more moments of recitation of poetry to inspire hope, beauty and love without diminishing the pain of the journey.

     Being brave and seeking to speak truth when there is injustice or inequity remains difficult to do yet it is possible. The landscape has changed but the injustices have continued in new ways. Being willing to listen and support a level of true equity are significant steps that each of us can take. It is happening in small and larger companies, in institutions like University of New Mexico. The harder conversations are ongoing with issues being voiced. Actions to address the systemic challenges are actively being discussed to implement policy changes. A new level of awareness is emerging for which I am grateful.

Significant Executive Action for the Public Interest

     On his first day in office, a small but significant executive action signed by President Joe Biden will take steps to allow for the shifts that need to happen within regulatory bodies so that a loophole that allowed lobbyists to create obstacles for true equity to happen for the people. He is seeking to modernize the regulatory process of review. The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs seeks to ‘advance regulatory policies that improve the lives of the American people.”

Regulations that promote the public interest are vital for tackling national priorities. This is a very progressive move with important positive implications to address prominent issues of inequity.

True Abundance is In Our Hearts

     There is enough for all of us. We all need to accept this at the heart level, less so at the mind level. Our mind is so very good at playing games with the fragile ego which is too often fear based. Our hearts know the truth and come from a place of love. It is time for us to listen to our hearts.

     Contemplation/meditation allow for our hearts to be heard more easily as the mind is finally quieter and more subdued. Sit and listen to what your heart is saying at its deepest place. Beyond the pain of not being right or not being heard or not being seen or not being loved in the way you think you should be. Under all those layers in this moment, what is your heart sharing with you now?

     From this most sacred of places, listen to what is possible with a purity of heart. You can take some magical steps to ‘be’ from this place and make life affirming choices. When you do this, you take better care of yourself from a place of love and strength. It is impossible to hate another when you truly care and love yourself. The others you see as different than you are merely a reflection of the fear you have in yourself. Come from a place of strength, not fear. Believing in yourself makes taking steps towards a better life possible. Each heroine came from a place of strength, moving beyond the fear.

Stay strong and stay in good health,


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