Traveling to Spain with a sense of the Divine 

Near Montserrat Monastery, Spain

Traveling to Spain in April 2019 created a very rich spiritual experience for myself and my friend Melanie Richardson.  I asked her to share her experience and here are her thoughts and feelings about the experience. While there in Spain, I was so moved that I have created and am leading a Spain trip (May 18-28, 2019) to these sights/treasures to share with those seeking to share the beauty of architecture, the sacred and the culture. Please do join me for what will an amazing and supported experience. This is a trip for the first time solo traveler and the well-experienced traveler. 

Here are Melanie’s thoughts:

The most impactful moments I had in Spain were the opportunities to connect to a rich spiritual history. While Spain is mostly known for its impact on proselytizing Christianity, it shows a spirited heart connecting to the Divine.

Montserrat Monastery and the Black Madonna 

Mysteries surround the Black Madonna at Montserrat hearkening to the faithful to make their own decision on her presence. The vibration and sacred testament to the Holy Feminine is expressed in music, art, and the beautiful statue of mystery.

Sagrada Familia Basilica

The Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona is a testament to the flows, contemplation, and exultation of a deep relationship with the divine. Simply looking upon the spires invites your soul to soar upward into the clouds yet the interior columns mimicking tree trunks of a forest settle you firmly on earth. The art of the Mother Mary and the organic flowing nature in the entire church is an amazing testament to the Yin, the feminine as expression.


In Cordoba, Al-Andalus is representative of the rich religious history of Muslim and Catholicism. Yet, the history of simultaneous worship services for both faiths embody the best of both faiths; the desire to reach for the Divine. The architecture is rich and opens the heart. If you open your imagination to the call of the history, you will be swept into the echoes of prayers calling out and providing the sweet sanctuary of Divine Feminine embrace.


Granada itself expresses the contradiction of history and the living monument of spiritualism that is Spain. In this town are the passionate dances of the Gypsies, the pageantry of the Holy Week, the amazing Alhambra, and more.

When you travel to sacred sites you expect a connection to the quiet and the history. When you go to the monuments to the Divine in Spain, you can expect your soul to remember its depth and soar with the vibrations, geometry, and intents of Sacred Connection.

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