From the Sightseeing to the Sacred:

The Reason to Take a Spiritual Journey

Or, How My Eternal Search for the Goddess Opens Me to Holy Possibility of Perspective

When I travel to sacred sites like the temples of India or the land of Bali, I experience deep personal shifts. I have seen a shift within myself and it has deepened my own inward journey, creating amazing joy and wonder.

The experience is one that keeps giving long after the clothes are unpacked and you return to your life. That is, if you let the journey be more than a mere sightseeing trip of the temples of India or any holy site.

That’s the experience I want to share with you. If you seek to go beyond the mundane and bring that touch of magic into your life, that’s the kind of journey I offer.

For me, trekking far away from home is not about avoiding your life but embracing it. These journeys allow for the honest exploration of your internal life away from the mundane day-to-day challenges. It is in the exploring and being present at these sacred sites that the magic can happen.

Entering the sacred space

When you enter a sacred site such as the water temple in Bali or  the temples in the Himalayas, you are entering a space that has housed centuries of worship and ceremony.

When I was in India, I was open to joining in the culture around me, which opened me to the warmth of the Indian people. A day spent exploring the world around us in these exotic places can create micro-shifts – the possibility of a new perspective.

judith-and-the-cow_IndiaIn a new environment such as India, I had the choice to feel overwhelmed, frustrated with the extremes I was witnessing or vexed by a fluid schedule. That pressure to just “go with the flow” is something many Westerners face as newcomers to India.

Or I had the choice not to be.

That certainly was my experience as a solo woman traveler in north India. Twenty-four hours in, I opted for going with the flow, but not after wrestling with the Western orientation to “fixing things.”

The person I was to have traveled with did not come. My plane was detained at the start of the journey, giving me an unplanned overnight stay in Thailand.

Because of that, I had no prearranged cab in Delhi when I arrived – I was arriving a day late. Apparently there was no wi-fi at the Thai hotel, so I could not reach out to the Delhi hotel to make other arrangements.

In the end, I managed to find a ride to the hotel. And though there were other challenges, there was a vibrancy all around me. That kept drawing me in.

Falling in love with India

I have been back five times since! I have explored parts of Rajasthan with my Indian friends and Chennai with the surrounding areas. I have been to Nagpur for panchakarma two times now – soon to return again. I explored parts of Goa on my last trip to India, finding the most amazing beach.

Going up to the Himalayas for 10 days to experience the Goddess energy with David Frawley and Shambavi in February 2014 was a very moving and profound experience for me.

I have been close to completing a manuscript about those travels. Each time in my travels there have been temples and rituals to explore; some planned, some spontaneous. Each one has its own beauty and charm.

Come on the journey

I want to share this magic with you.

We can connect here online as I write about my travels and spiritual awakenings, and I hope to connect with you in person on a journey.
But before the journey begins, together we can practice some of the tools to set the tone when you visit a sacred site.

When you take a journey to temple, you are on a restorative journey. Before, during and after, you are activating the practice of retreat, restoration and relaxation to mind and body.

Together, we will learn about different foods to support a calming lifestyle. I aim to expose you to different ayurvedic treatments that will set the tone for the exploration of these sacred sites or support the changes that have happened and ease your transition back to your home.


My first tour will be the southern temples of India, and announcement is coming soon.

Sign up to be on the interest list (at right) when I get the logistics in place. With this trip, I offer you 14 days of exploration and sharing, with ample time to reflect and be present with what is unfolding for you!

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