My manuscript for Return to the Soul is in submission to publishers. Here’s what it’s about and why I wrote it.

Return to the Soul

Yearning to provide for her clients a healing she could not find in mainstream psychiatric practice, one woman psychiatrist travels to India for an ayurvedic cleanse called panchakarma and reconnects to her soul.

All of her life, Dr. Judith Pentz has sought the way to return to the soul. As a psychiatrist, she has guided others through that journey. To practice at her fullest capacity, she has always cultivated and maintained a strong connection to her inner being. It is her work to heal others.  

What she didn’t know when she trekked to India for an ancient ayurvedic cleanse was that she would find a path to her own healing. As an American woman, she had become increasingly concerned about the effectiveness of mainstream methods of psychiatric interventions that dominate the conventional wisdom. On a personal level, she became more strongly aware that she and many others were not thriving in the Western lifestyle in which she was immersed.

There must be a better way, she thought. It turned out she was about to embark on the most powerful quest of her life.  

Dr. Judith Pentz’s journey to India was a leap. She had experienced panchakarma with two practitioners who split their time between New Mexico and India, but now, at a crisis point in her life, she sought more depth. After giving much to her patients and people close to her for most of her life, it was time. She wanted to intensify her focus and explore parts of herself she had neglected in her many years of guiding others. To do that, she would have to journey to Nagpur, India.

Her intentions paid off. The experience changed her at the cellular level, as panchakarma intends. That is why the changes it brings are powerful, deep, and sustainable. So many of us yearn to say with authority that they have been able to expand into much more present in their lives, to experience their lives through new eyes. What panchakarma can do is create profound shifts that lead to sustainable, substantial life changes, and that’s the journey of Return to the Soul.

Her journey was not without challenges. It called upon her to surmount physical challenges and meet resistance within herself that she had buried for years. That experience gave her insight into why people don’t heal, and how they can heal on a cellular level, from the inside out. “I can say that I have, indeed, returned to my soul,” she says.

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