The Divine and I are communing in Nagpur, India

The Divine and I are communing in Nagpur, India

Travel has always been a thrill for me yet when I became more aware of how my spiritual life was enlivened by the process, I wanted to find ways to share this with others.

I have written a manuscript, “Return to the Soul,” that will publish soon. I explore the ancient healing cleanse called panchakarma. That process has helped to create life-changing experiences to the cellular level. These changes have reverberated throughout my life and my being.

By its very nature, travel creates change. You are thrown out of routines you may have had for years. When I drove a car in New Zealand, the experience created a new meaning to how to move a car. It took a while to get used to a stick shift and driving on the opposite side of the road. I had to learn to  turn at the right time when I came to a roundabout. That pushed me to new levels of awareness!

When I travel, I like to go to the local grocery stores to see what the locals have to eat or sundries to buy. It is almost a spiritual experience for me. I love  to observe how the people interact with each other as it gives me a  feel of how the culture treats women and children. Smelling the different foods and observing the freshness of the food can happen there but I much prefer going to the farmers’ market, preferably with a local to help with language and the bartering that often is a part of the adventure.

Local temples off the beaten path can be a magical experience. And at times, it can be quite a challenge. The one day I went to visit the Shiva temple proved to be a challenge as it is an observed Holy day for the Hindus. The lines were long and segregated with the women and children in one line and the men in another. Yet, as often is the case, there was another temple nearby; the Ganesha temple was open and available so we went there and offered prayers there.

Seeking out and being a part of different faith traditions also has been a part of my journey. Along the way, I realized that all faiths seek to provide a path to the Divine and that the mystical path present in each of these traditions is the internal, mysterious expression of connecting with the Divine. Connecting with the Divine breaks down barriers perceived by the ego and allows for the capacity of you the person to emerge into a more egoless state. It is from this place that Truth as you know it emerges, less tinged by the negative thoughts tethering you from seeing.

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