Look for what matters in the small exchanges of the day, and draw strength from mutual hearts

A Chinese sage once said, “May you live in interesting times.” And so we are in this present moment.  Are we defined by these moments by others’ actions?  Or by our own sensibilities of how to move forward with each day? Which door do you chose to walk through?

Yes, parts of your day may be mandated by work demands and our political climate. Yet, what would happen if you approach each part of the day with enthusiasm and a sense of delight?  That genuine smile shared with you and your fellow human being as you walk into to work or when you buy your groceries makes each of your day shine more.  Letting someone in front of your car during your morning commute with a sense of graciousness aids in both of you having a normal blood pressure with less risk of a heart attack.

It is in the small exchanges with each other where we share our human “beinginess.” It matters to be kind to one another. It matters to our mutual hearts so that these hearts can feel the love that is available to each of us with these small but significant gestures.

What you can do

Throughout your day, do notice others and seek ways to connect. If the opportunity presents itself to pay it forward, do so. What sweetness it is for you and pleasant surprise for the one receiving the unexpected gift.

All of us matter, be we black, white, brown or yellow; woman, child, man and transgender. Let us keep dreaming and walking steps into that dream where freedom is present and the capacity to create is limitless.

Imagine what is possible in your world!

Visualize what your heart desires!

Draw pictures, write a poem or a few sentences of what matters most to you. When you visualize it, let it soak in. Soak into your cells. Wake up your telomeres with these amazing thoughts of what is unfolding NOW!

Be the change in your world

Create the world you want to walk in and breathe in. Take small steps with the visualization. Bring the wonder of the universe into what you are imagining. This will allow it to amplify out. It is said we are but a hologram of the universe and it lies within us. Contemplate on that for a week … or a lifetime.

So when you look back at your life, there will be a sense of gratitude and love as well as a sense of human “beingness”.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Knowing this, how would you change your perception of how your day really is?

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