The historical firsts of Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s inauguration have been taking shape since before his predecessor took office four years ago. Despite the challenges faced during these unprecedented times, I choose to focus on what is possible with the presence of Biden as our new President and the people of this country.

Sense of hope and resilience

     Biden has the skills with a sense of hope and the resilience to create an agenda to deal with the multiple issues facing us as a nation. As a veteran of Congress — he was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972 — he has an awareness of how to reach across the aisle with a sense of purpose, dedication and a moral compass most necessary for this country during these most trying of times. He is gathering a team of many who have the complicated skill set to begin the healing our country desperately needs at many levels. It is my hope that all the people of our country can begin to move in the direction to create a more balanced, just country that serves all the people.

Biden is no stranger to loss

     On a more personal, yet equally important, note, Biden has suffered immensely in his life, with the death of his first wife and baby daughter in 1972, then the death of his son, Beau, in 2015. His grief, though present, has not deterred him from sharing and growing from the losses he has suffered. He understands the pain of loss and what we are going through as a nation. There is refreshingly honest emotion present when I hear him speak. He has a wisdom hard-won.

A need for discernment and unarmed truth

     As I shared in my previous blog about MLK, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many of the racial inequities present in our healthcare, education, economic and working conditions. We are only beginning to see what is needed to regain a level of equilibrium and balance in this country.

     The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol illustrates how many have been living in a world of illusion and delusion. It is with their discontent and anger that they have created havoc on our most hallowed institution of democracy. Their anger has been fomented by many individuals and media outlets who has been consistently providing siloed, inaccurate information. Trust in our institutions is at an all-time low. Healing from this will take time.

     Discernment is most necessary as we listen and read our many options for the news to hear ‘unarmed truth’. It is so important to consider the sources from where the news is being shared. Obtaining news from a variety of sources that are relatively neutral in their reporting is important for us going forward.

Healing is possible for this nation. It starts by healing our own hearts.

     Healing is possible. Yet, this is only possible if the ‘unarmed truth and unconditional love’ are a part of our lives and sought out by each of us. We need to work together to solve the many challenges we face as a country. Each voice can be heard…without the violence that we have seen in our Capitol.

     What can we do for our country that is from a place of community to grow and heal from the wounds exposed in the last year? President John F. Kennedy asked us so many years ago: “What together we can do to support the freedom of men (women)?”

      It starts at the individual level and grows from there. It starts with self-care at the most basic of levels. Healing at your own heart level reduces your anger towards others.  Self-love and nurturing oneself on this journey are steps toward less aggression toward others.

Peace and blessings during this most difficult of times,


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