Louise Hay affected my life as a wisdom teacher, spiritual healer and change agent in subtle, yet ever powerful ways. After Louise left this physical dimension on Aug. 30, 2017, I took time to reflect on just how much of an influence she was in my work as an integrative psychiatrist, as well as personally.

Heal Your Body, which she first published at age 50 in 1976, was the one of the first books that shared about the connection of my spiritual/emotional state of being on my physical/mental state. That my thoughts and patterns of beliefs may have an impact on the 3D expression of my being continues to amaze me. And when I have succeeded to change and overcome a pattern in my mental or physical state, I experience complete awe in the process. Of course, the approaches I have used are multifaceted but sharing about them is for another blog post!

After her first book, she followed with the classic You Can Heal Your Life in 1984, establishing Hay House, a publishing house that would become an empire. More than 50 million copies of this book have been sold worldwide, the Hay House website legacy page states. Hay House became home for many authors to share their expression of seeking their own wholeness. In many ways, she has facilitated for many of us to tune into our beingness as we journey to share with others.

How simple the concept it is. For me, I had a rupture of my right Achilles tendon at age 37, then it reruptured 5 days after the cast was removed when I fell in the shower. For me, the lesson I did not learn well enough with the first rupture was the need to ask for and accept support in my life from certain people. I certainly ‘got it’ the second time this happened to me. Since then, I have explored many traditions to further understand what she was saying in those few pages. It is still a reference that I use to this day and share with those that are interested in this path.

If we change our thoughts, we can heal in a very deep way and at many levels. The power of affirmations worked for her and she shared her story with those who were willing to listen.

As many know, her journey started with a healing crisis of her own. To my understanding, when she wrote Heal Your Body, she had developed cervical cancer. And she decided to explore ways to heal beyond the current medical paradigm, which still focuses primarily on the physical expression of disease. She was able to turn the tide of cancer cells towards a direction of healing. She was ahead of the curve. With her persistence, she facilitated the many conversations needed to move through these paradigms.

I hear she had her critics who thought she made people feel more guilt about the disease that they had contracted or developed. Yet, this very process about asking the questions that led to the dis-ease in the body AND mind AND spirit is what is most necessary to move through the truths the illness is attempting to share with the person.

Just as we have learned to speak the language of our culture to be able to communicate with one another, there is a way that the body, mind and spirit communicate with you inform you. Just as when we were curious as a child, the questions may appear silly or naive but over time, the possibility of seeing a pattern in what is unfolding occurs.

Being curious is one of the first prerequisites to start on this journey that lasts a lifetime. Louise was curious and willing to explore in ways that were outside of the box, beyond the current medical paradigm. Now that she has crossed over to the spirit state of her being, she can be a guide to all of us in ways amped up in comparison to the challenges to create change in the current incarnated world we all live in.

Blessings to her. And to you. Gratitude to her for all she taught us. Gratitude to you for being willing to ask the questions to create a version of heaven on earth that most supports you!

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