Tips for when you return to the U.S.A.

350px-global_entry_logo_negativeTraveling in this new century has become more complicated in some ways yet easier in other ways.  Certainly, the level of intrusion and cost regarding our safety has increased enormously.

Yet, we have ways to circumvent some of the lines by choosing to have certain options such as TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry. TSA Pre-Check you to be in a shorter line when traveling within the U.S. Global Entry allows you to enter the immigration lane when you return to the U.S.A., which is usually very short.

That said, there are always that one time the boarding pass did not note that you have TSA Pre-Check option.

I have yet to have issues with Global Entry back into the U.S. because it requires you to enter your Global Entry number into the ticket when you purchase. Along with your passport scanning process, the facial identification along with your fingerprints confirms your identification process. In the Global Entry line, the machine that processes your passport takes your picture along with your fingerprints. After it  recognizes you, then it prints a picture for you to give to the immigration officer, who takes the paper with minimal wait and does not speak to you.

You can register for Global Entry at The pass lasts for five years and costs about $100.

You still need to carry your passport as it is needed for identification in other countries. And you still need to obtain the required visas for each country you plan to visit.

Register for TSA Pre-Check at It costs $50 and lasts for five years as well, but is limited to participating airports in the U.S. and applies only to U.S. permanent residents.

I have enjoyed the use of the Global Entry as it allows me to circumvent the long immigration lines back into the U.S., and I can use it in the US as well.

What you need to remember is that the lines when entering other countries are an entirely other process.

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